Meta Plans To Allow EU Users To Opt Out Of Personalized Ads As New Data Privacy Laws Arise

As the latest round of data privacy regulations arises in the EU, tech giant Meta is looking to expand with a new series of options for its respective users in Europe.

The company is planning on launching new options that give users the chance to sidestep personalized ads as the company plans to ban ads of a political context in Europe as a whole.

The goal is to bring the company in line with some new regulations. And among those, the first one has to do with allowing EU users to limit ad targeting too broad categories. This includes age and location as this could decrease the impact of ads arising from both Facebook and Instagram in today’s EU market.

The news was first published by the WSJ today which reported that those users that want to opt out of it can simply fill out a form online and opt to object to the clause of allowing Meta to use their activity on the platform for the sake of ads. On that note, the firm would go through each objection personally, right before they embark on making such changes.

This would allow Meta to stay in line with the current regulations from the EU regarding ad targeting of users that the company may have gone against in the past.

During the start of this year, we saw Meta receive a staggering $414 million fine for enforcing its users to accept personalized ads across the platform. But the ruling claims Meta needs consent from separate people to serve them with personalized ads. Meta claims it has allowed it to occur with clauses that are built into the agreement of the user. But the regulators in the EU claim it’s not clear enough and that has led the firm into a long ordeal of reassessing all of its options and processes along the way.

Before we forget, Meta is not backing down so easily. The firm mentioned how it would be presenting its argument in front of the court soon that it adheres to these laws. But for now, it is busy trying to update the new systems, or else it could be seeing more fines coming its way for similar breaches of laws in the EU.

And if that does end up taking place, it would be made to take part in some more drastic ordeals such as banning politically themed ads as a whole in all of the European regions.

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