Controversy At Peak As Ex-Google Engineer Claims Google’s Bard Was Trained Using Data From ChatGPT

It appears Google’s AI-powered chatbot Bard is in the middle of another controversy.

A former engineer of Google is making some striking allegations against the chatbot including how it replicated ChatGPT’s homework.

By this, we mean to say the Bard was only possible after it received training from data extracted by OpenAI’s ChatGPT software.

ChatGPT is the leading source behind the success of Microsoft’s Bing Search and such accusations of illegal activities by Google are not being unnoticed, as reported by The Information today.

Software Engineer Jacob Devlin who once worked at Google as a resourceful employee revealed how he exited the company because of this action only. He found it wrong to see data getting scraped from a website of ShareGPT so it could be used to develop a successful version of Bard.

He also warned the Android maker against such behavior as doing so would lead the firm into deep trouble as it goes against the policies outlined by Open AI in their updated terms of service agreement.

As per the report, we saw Google cease its operations temporarily but we’re not quite sure if it had anything to do with the accusations from the former employee Devlin. Today, the latter is working for OpenAI.

As expected, Google is not happy with the news and has blatantly denied the allegations, adding that there is zero truth to it. Speaking to The Verge recently, the tech giant’s spokesperson revealed how Google’s AI chatbot Bard has not received training from any kind of data in possession of ChatGPT or ShareGPT.

A clear denial was expected from the company and if you actually come to think of it, we are yet to find any sort of evidence that proves any of these allegations to be true. Similarly, we are yet to find any similarity between the answers produced by Bard with that from ChatGPT.

The only thing that we can see going on wrong here on Google’s part is how they may have rushed with the launch of Bard as it’s fairly incomplete and can’t stand as defiant competition against ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing Search.

It might be that the company was under pressure of entering the AI race and so thought it could play catchup with other archrivals of the industry.

If the report by Devlin is untrue, it does make for a very interesting conversation altogether. Remember, there are reports of Google working with top AI giant DeepMind via its Brain AI group. And since they both exist under the same parent firm, it might be leading Bard to success soon.

But for that to occur, only time can tell how wonderful the partnership turns out to be. Moreover, let’s not forget how Google is racing against time because, at the moment, it is conducting trials of Bard in the UK and the US. And experts feel they would choose Bing over Bard any day.

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