Instagram’s head response to three of the most commonly asked questions, including concerns regarding reach and hashtags

The former executive of Facebook and the current head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently answered three of the most frequently asked questions about the Meta-owned platform.

Starting with the first question, asking how many hashtags should be used while uploading a post, in response, Adam clarified in an Instagram story that the use of hashtags does not mean that the post will get significantly more reach as compared to those with fewer or no hashtags. However, Adam did appreciate the practice of using hashtags only when the tags were used appropriately. When hashtags are relatable to the content, they can make a good impression. He further added that there is no need to use a large number of tags, as it won’t help the creator reach a larger audience and may even end up annoying the viewers.

Moving on to the second question: whether reach is lowered if a user posts twice in a single day. While responding to the question, Adam said that they get this question a lot from the users, who say that whenever they post twice in a single day, the content doesn’t reach the maximum audience, but Instagram has nothing to do with this. Adam believes that it’s the followers who get less interested in the second post, and the platform doesn’t do anything that will bring down the reach of the creator.

Lastly, the third question asked whether it is true that Instagram reels are down-ranked if a user takes help from third-party tools such as CapCut. Adam answered the question by saying that if a user uses third-party applications to create an Instagram reel and post it on the platform, it will not be down-ranked unless the reel is watermarked. If it contains any kind of logo, regardless of what the logo represents, the reel won’t be recommended much in areas such as Explore or recommendations on the viewer’s feed.
This is not the first time that Adam Mosseri has answered frequently asked questions; he previously responded to several questions to guide Instagram users on things they should or shouldn’t do while posting content on the platform.

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