Adam Mosseri answered questions related to the upcoming chronological feed on Instagram

At the time of Adam Mosseri's testimony before the senate members, he told that the Instagram is planning to work on an updated version for Instagram feed. This new feed will display posts in a sequential manner unlike the current version which works on the basis of user’s taste.

The current feed version was released 5 years ago, an year later after it was released, another version was rolled out which suggested personalized content as well. The new updated feed wasn’t accepted by the users at that time. Now the feed works with the help of Artificial Intelligence, where algorithms design a more customized feed for users.

After Mosseri told about the upcoming version of feed, he held a question and answer session with his audience through his Instagram Stories. According to him, there are 2 different versions that are being tested. The first platform includes user’s preferences over sequential order , while the other version has no separate option available for user preference.

One question that has still not been answered is that whether suggested content will be available on the updated feed or not. One of the follower asked him about the expected time till new version will makes it way, upon this question, Adam told that the testing phase has already began hence, the final version will be available shortly.

On his QnA story, Mosseri explained that bringing in a new Feed doesn’t mean that Instagram is leaving its AI based feed behind, instead they are planning to provide both options to there users that either they can use a feed based on preference or in a chronological style.

In his stories, he also talked about his hearing. According to Adam, Instagram is planning to create an Industry Body, this community will be dealing with the data of young users. They will decide the most favorable steps and options through which the data can be kept secured. Instead of working on its own, the body will be working in coalition with parents and other society members as well. It seemed like that the senate committee agreed with this new plan as one of them added that deciding how the data will be dealt with should no longer be done on its own.

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