Adam Mosseri Answers Several Important Questions in an Instagram Story

Adam Mosseri is a key figure at Instagram, one that is responsible for a wide variety of changes that are being made to the platform right now. As the head of Instagram, he is the person that would know things about the platform that you might want to discover, and in a recent Story that he posted to his personal profile the Instagram boss answered questions from users that gave a bit of illumination regarding the direction in which Instagram might be headed at some point in the future all in all.

One thing that a lot of people asked was about Chronological feed. A lot of Instagram users preferred the Instagram that allowed them to try and read through the posts that they were receiving in a manner that was in line with when people were posting them all in all. According to Mosseri, Instagram doesn’t plan on bringing the Chronological feed back. He acknowledged that the feature was popular but stated that it failed to give users content that they truly cared about.

Another question that was asked regarded how much Facebook and Instagram collaborated, to which Mosseri responded that they collaborated quite a bit on things like advertising as well as things like the infrastructure of the platforms that both companies are currently trying to manage.

A lot of Instagram users also wonder about whether or not sharing other people’s posts would be possible which is understandable if you consider the fact that Facebook now owns Instagram and people will probably wonder how the social media platform will change Instagram into another version of itself. However, even though a lot of people are probably fairly confident about the fact that Instagram might eventually be turning into Facebook, Mosseri said that they probably won’t be bringing post sharing to their platform since it would spoil the look of the layout that they currently offer their various users.

More questions came in about things like integrating Facebook and Instagram after the acquisition. To this Mosseri responded that the biggest thing to get used to was the culture shock, which basically came about as a result of Facebook and Instagram being two different companies that had their own ways of operating and hence changes needed to be made in order to make sure that the new acquisition was working according to how Facebook tends to do things.

Mosseri answered a few frivolous and somewhat personal questions as well, ostensibly in an attempt to seem a little bit more relatable to users that his platform undoubtedly depends on. When asked what his favorite thing to do on Instagram is, Mosseri responded by saying that he mostly loves checking out his friend’s stories, and he also likes playing around with the Augmented Reality (AR) features that the Instagram is currently testing out in order to maximize the user experience in a really big way all in all.

When asked about what he found most difficult at his job, Mosseri responded by saying that he mostly struggled with saying no to good ideas. There are only so many ideas that the company would be able to implement without compromising on the quality of this implementation, so sometimes even if an idea is actually quite good all things considered it is still rejected on the basis of it not being quite as good enough as some of the other ideas that are out there, and Mosseri claims that he hates disappointing people so this makes this part of his job tough.

Mosseri was also asked about something a bit more controversial, particularly Twitter’s decision to ban political ads. Mosseri stated that he disagreed with the decision, saying that it would do more harm than good because good entities need political ads to get their message across as well. Hence, he favors more transparency in political ads rather than banning them outright.

While answering "When Instagram will hide likes?", Mosseri explained that "The Honest answer is we're not sure yet. We are still working through a few issues, including how to give people some signal of what's relevant, helping creators communicate their relevance and making sure we can measure the effect on how people feel about Instagram."

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