Merriam-Webster Pokes Fun At Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue By Unveiling Its Own Red Subscription

It looks like Twitter’s Blue Subscription has turned into the center of jokes, memes, and controversies.

Recently, Merriam-Webster was quick to make fun of the tech billionaire and his orders of making users pay for the verification of the Twitter Blue Service. It was seen tweeting about a parody form of subscription for the service where it highlighted it as being Red.

The post was witnessed more than 2.5 million times and it featured how people that apply for the subscription to the Merriam-Webster Red package could benefit from the like's exclusive access to real definitions.

Just two hours after the post, the country’s oldest dictionary publishers mentioned how its joke subscription service was discontinued.

The company made it a point to highlight how it has been in the business of providing its users with great attention to detail and providing them with real definitions since the year 1828. And it wanted to clear up the matter, in case some misunderstood the joke, to begin with.

It was last year in November when we last heard tech billionaire Elon Musk mention that he was launching a new Twitter Blue Subscription of $8 each month. This way, users of the app could attain their blue ticks, carry out edits for their tweets, witness fewer ads than non-paying members, and have greater priority as far as search is concerned.

But this new charge was called out by a few celebs who felt that the platform should be focusing more on getting its act together, above anything else.

The news of Merriam-Webster arises at a time when Elon Musk made it very clear how only those that pay for Twitter Blue could attain the benefit of voting in polls and also have their posts seen on the algorithm’s For You tab.

This came with great debate and skepticism on the matter. After the mega uproar from users who felt it was not fair, Musk was seen backtracking on his own claims and clarified how all users would still be able to see accounts they follow across their For You news feed.

Even the person who happened to be behind the Twitter account that was managing Merriam-Webster’s account seemed to be enjoying and having fun with the types of responses being generated.

One person asked regarding any pro-services that might be available on this new ‘Red Subscription’ offer. And it responded by stating how the company was busy looking into the claims, which is a pun on Musk.
The Twitter Chief is known for answering queries thrown at him by using the term, ‘looking into it’ so that’s exactly what users got here too. Musk has been famous for the line for quite some time now. He’s even used it while replying to so many journalists arising from the right-wing too regarding issues concerning tweet visibility.

For those who might not be aware, Merriam-Webster has a past history of carrying out some mocking comments on various social media platforms, and that entails trolling the entire Trump administration too.

Musk is yet to comment on the endeavor but it’s definitely all in light-hearted humor. What do you think?

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