Here Are The Most Commonly Googled Health Topics By Americans Today

Let’s face the reality, most of us do rely on Google as our go-to doctor and we’re all guilty of searching for a diagnosis based on our signs and symptoms.

The reason why is simple - it’s quick, convenient, free, and usually does tend to be more reliable than other sources. So why not just call it Dr. Google, right?

No matter what, the internet is usually many people’s pick in terms of finding the remedy for health problems. And today, a new study is diving down deep into the search world to figure out what health topics are most commonly Googled on the popular search engine in the past year.

You’ll be amazed at a great many concerns related to the health of people in the country. At the top of the list, the COVID-19 infection continues to take the lead. It’s become so repetitive and commonly encountered that the firm behind the popular study called Registered Nursing opted to get rid of all such searches to prevent the list of top terms from being too monotonous.

Keeping that aside, we saw some other top health searches related to ADHD, blood pressure, various allergies, taking in calories, depression, suffering concussions, heart attacks, kidney disorders like stones, urinary infections, and of course the common flu.

The rest of the data showcased more on questioning about certain symptoms and among the list of the top ten most commonly searched, we had flu symptoms take the lead, with symptoms of diabetes following shortly after that.

But we need to take a moment to mention how mental health is another leading concern on the minds of so many Americans today. Every two out of five searches were linked to ADHD and what its affiliated symptoms may be. Moreover, other items on this list have to do with mental health conditions and stress linked to anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and blood pressure too.

But the study noticed how there happened to be a decline in searches linked to allergy symptoms and how to alleviate the pain of headaches between last year when compared to this year. But other searches continued to increase including information about RSV and symptoms for UTIs and menopause.

Moreover, each US state was seen tuning into the web for various reasons. And the Southern part of the nation seemed to be the most concerned about health topics including flu while states famous for having plains like Colorado and Montana searched for a concussion the most.

Overall, Americans were obsessed with knowledge related to calorie intake as everyone wanted to know more about this. And when the combined data was looked at in terms of the country’s most populated cities, terms including flu and calorie consumption led the pack in popular cities.

But in cities like Los Angeles and San Diego of California, ADHD was looked up the most. Meanwhile, those residing in Chicago and Philadelphia managed to seek out more data regarding depression and its associated symptoms.
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