Microsoft Is Keen On Increasing Its Bing Chat’s Turn Limits To 200 With 20 In-Turn Sessions

Microsoft is slowly but surely picking up the pace in terms of increasing the daily chat limit for its ever-so-popular AI-powered search.

The computational giant says it is currently in the process of increasing the daily limit turns to around 200 per day while raising the in-turn session to 20.

This has been a goal that the company was wishing to seek since day one. After all, it was in high demand. But now that we’re seeing the chatbot pick up the pace and really do well with small chat turn increases, the company is willing to take things to the next level with this new endeavor.

So far, users were allowed to do 150 chat turns each day with just 15 sessions but hearing this new piece of news is bound to add excitement to fans that have been calling for an increase for quite some time now.

In the past, we saw Microsoft make alterations to its Bing Chat that happened to be unannounced. The turn limits were slowly but surely increased and some saw it go from 15 to 20 through Twitter.

Now, the news is getting approval from the higher-ups where the firm’s VP for Bing’s Growth and Distribution says they’re going to be taking the adventurous route by entering the 20/200 on the weekend and see if things really do go in the app’s favor.

For now, the message by the lead for the project makes us assume that this might be just a temporary change. We could see the company return back to its normal 150.15 turn limit per day.

But until and unless we see things take place more drastically, that might be unlikely.

Photo: Ryan RC Rea

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