Huge Numbers Of AI Chatbots Are Being Shipped To The Play Store And App Store At Exponential Rates

The way generative AI technology has taken over the tech world is a fact that cannot be denied.

In such a short span of time, we’ve seen AI head into the mainstream market and a lot of the credit has to be given to ChatGPT powered by OpenAI. But seeing it become so popular is now causing a political crisis.

When you look at things from the point of view of a developer or an entrepreneur, we see some very interesting points regarding ChatGPT. The tool has led so many other tech giants to come forward and present their own AI chatbot versions, making use of technology from OpenAI.

So many AI products are up for grabs in the tech world and they present little to no competitive advantage. Still, we feel the subject might be a great topic for case studies later on when the unbelievable AI chatbot hype starts to die down.

At the moment, we are seeing a large number of AI apps shipped to both the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. As per Explorer, around 398 different applications having the term chatbot included in them were observed since January of this year. And they’re making it big.

When compared to stats from 2022, we saw only 70 apps outlined as having the term chatbot as a part of them. And let’s not forget how 20 of those arose in December of last year. This happened to be due to the mega hype and popularity surrounding the ChatGPT tool so when you come to think of it, they don’t usually count for that year.

We agree that a lot of developers do end up reacting to trends at a fast pace but this is definitely way faster than what experts had imagined or seen in the past.

Developers are now sharing how interesting it is to see the impact platform can give in terms of building core functionalities but not exactly the end device. Look, OpenAI’s APIs can be credited to installing power to apps, features of products, and also platforms. It’s true that OpenAI would not be able to do all of that on its own and in such a short time with which we saw the launch take place.

This might be the great competitive advantage that OpenAI tends to have over rivals like Google which might be in panic mode at this moment in time with its own AI end product.

Analysis Shows Overwhelming Presence of AI Chatbots in App Store and Google Play Store

H/T: Appfigures

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