Google’s Parent Firm Urges US Federal Judge To Dismiss Lawsuit Accusing It Of Illegally Dominating Online Advertising

Google’s parent company Alphabet is on the rise of seeking dismissal of a high-profile lawsuit that was filed in the US.

Alphabet is urging a Federal Judge to dismiss the case that calls the firm out for abusing the world of online advertising due to its dominating position in the industry.

The government filed the case related to ad tech in January and it received the backing of eight other American states. Here is where they argued how the search engine giant needed to be pressurized to sell the company’s ad manager suite. But the Android maker says it is innocent and has failed to accept it did anything wrong.

The US has gotten millions of paperwork from Google during the investigation that has spanned several years. Regulators and authorities have been trying long and hard to see if the tech giant is busy with abuse in the ad tech business sector where it takes on a leading position.

More than 30 depositions were taken from Google witnesses regarding the case as highlighted in court filings that went public on Monday.

Still, plaintiffs are yet to locate support for the harms mentioned in these antitrust cases.

The search engine giant is still arguing how the case needs to be tossed as the government made an error in terms of highlighting what the online advertising market was all about and how it incorrectly excluded leading competitors like Facebook.

It similarly adds that the government’s estimated figure of the company’s ad exchange was outlined to be greater than 50% but it fell short of the 70% defined figure of being deemed as holding massive market power.

Furthermore, Google alleged that the government is incorrect in terms of asserting that its acquisitions of DoubleClick and AdMeld were harming the competition. These are entities that go as far back as a decade ago. But at that time, antitrust authorities had approved the transactions during that period.

Google has even urged the authorities to take on a hearing session to try and see its claims in more detail and consider a possible move to toss the lawsuit. As of right now, the case is getting heard by American federal judge Leonie Brinkema in Virginia.

This particular lawsuit in the field of ad tech comes right after another was seen being filed in the year 2020. And at that time, the Trump administration was in place and it had accused Google of going against anti-trust laws to ensure it dominated the market of search.

And that case would be going into the trial phase by September of this year.

It makes sense why Google’s parent firm Alphabet wants such claims to be removed as they’re not only damaging but they could give rise to more lawsuits of a similar kind in the future as many tech giants united to turn on the leading search engine provider.

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