Twitter Blocks Hundreds Of High-Profile Accounts Including Journalists And Authors To Please The India Government

Twitter is on the move to censor accounts belonging to hundreds of its users to help please the Indian government.

A recent report by Amriddhi Sakunia alleged how the microblogging website blocked so many accounts on its app to make authorities in the respective nation happy. And those silenced in this censorship move included leading authors as well as journalists.

The news is awfully shocking as engaging in this form of censorship and not resisting it is clearly due to the new management in place under the leadership of tech billionaire Elon Musk.

Moreover, the list of accounts blocked had names such as Pieter Friedrich, Gagandeep Singh, and Sandeep Singh. Similarly, it included politicians from Canada like Jagmeet Singh as well as top poet Rupi Kaur. Meanwhile, a member of the pro-Khalistan movement Simranjit Singh Mann also happened to be on the list.

It was later announced how such accounts were adding leading Sikh voices and publishing credible facts during the Punjab turmoil taking place at this moment in time.

But the news is not being looked at too well. Many dubbed Elon Musk and his team of executives and investors as ones that were not behaving as hypocrites but were actually lying.

Critics feel that while some might believe there are both kinds of people in this world, liars hold true for Musk and his team because they are not fans of telling the truth.

Their move to censor those raising their voice for minorities in an attempt to make Indian officials happy is proof that they were ready to promote misinformation across the board, no matter what cost it arose.

As of now, Twitter is yet to comment on the allegations or the subject in question.

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