Google’s Executives Claim In New Meeting That Its AI Chatbot’s Priorities Are Not Just Search

The executives of Google are still not happy with the way things have played out in terms of the fumbled launch of its AI chatbot called Bard.

It seems likes they are still recovering from the shock and are trying to pick up the pieces linked to the mess that it caused. Remember, the decision was not something that many of them saw coming and they hold CEO Sundar Pichai responsible for the chaos.

A lot of workers were stuck in confusion in terms of what was going on because not all of them were informed of it beforehand. So like the rest of the world, the decision was abrupt and people were taken aback.

But now, we’re hearing more about a meeting that was conducted on Thursday. This is where top executives mentioned at the firm’s internal forum that there were a series of issues regarding Bard’s priorities. This is the first meeting held since the firm’s employees were witnessed getting upset at its own leadership.

So many critics felt that Pichai may have been influenced by the likes of ChatGPT and Microsoft’s AI Bing Search. And that is where he felt the need to rush the announcement despite Bard being unavailable for a launch.

WSJ even punished Google’s parent firm for rolling out Bard so abruptly as its stocks were witnessed going down further than before. This really had Google’s main search engine at risk of getting displaced.

When you’ve got chatbots from archrivals performing so well and the masses resorting to them for help, why would anyone wish to go to a search engine, right? The chatbots out there are providing some great responses that enable chatty conversations and responses that are more creative. Moreover, staffers referred to the company’s initial launch as one that was rushed and botched.

The product lead of Google’s Bard made the debut on Thursday when he started to send out responses to queries that were recorded by CNBC. Moreover, Bard as well as ChatGPT are huge language models and not those linked to knowledge.

This means that while they do a great job at producing text that sounds very human-like, they’re not great at making sure the text on offer is based on factual data. So when a question was thrown in his direction about why the world should believe that it’s search based, he cleared up the misunderstanding. He claims that it’s not based on a search.

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