Google Releases Audit That Examined How Its Policies Are Tackling Misinformation And Hate Speech

On Friday, search engine giant Google released the results of an audit that it had conducted regarding its policies as well as its services.

It claimed how these would affect its civil rights and also sent out recommendations that it would soon be taking to better ward off issues like misinformation and hate speech. This was right after it underwent pressure from leading advocates that held such reviews.

This particular disclosure arose when leading media outlet The Washington Post mentioned that Google was going to request an external law firm of carrying out a review linked to civil rights. It was later revealed how that company was going to be Wilmer Hale who was given the task to carry out such a test.

On Friday, a review came forward about how Google and its associated YouTube were busy reviewing policies linked to hate speech as well as harassment. They wished to address the matter and even look at cases pointing at misgendering and deadnaming people.

They similarly hoped to adapt to changing conditions in regard to such protected groups.

This review mentioned how they wished to tackle things like misinformation linked to topics like elections. And for that, they needed to make sure that there were employees on board having good language fluency that were more involved in conducting actions linked to enforcement.

They did not just wish to rely on the likes of translation and they couldn’t as that would not be in their favor. Moreover, Google was called out for thinking about additional stats and metrics so they could better tackle speed and efficiency.

There would be higher penalties imposed with bigger permanent suspensions when dealing with repeat offenders, this civil rights review mentioned.

But Google is being very positive and optimistic about the matter. They wish to continue to improve with time and that includes adding more efforts to better strengthen the approach linked to these concerns of human rights.

They are carrying out audits like these that provide them with more insight into what they are doing wrong and how they can improve in the future.

In the past couple of years, so many human rights groups including Amnesty International accused the tech giants of not prioritizing issues having to do with human rights. They felt that there was a mega threat to privacy including freedom of expression and the right to non-discrimination. So with time, there have been some great improvements.

But that does not mean it’s perfect. It’s far from it.

H/T: Reuters
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