Meta Announces New Features For Facebook Reels Including Exciting Templates And Greater Length Limits

Meta has announced new updates for its Facebook Reels and there are some exciting new features coming forward.

This includes trendy templates, a greater length limit, and a feature that allows for memories to be integrated.

For starters, the length of the Reels is outlined to be just 90 seconds. And that’s around 30 seconds greater when compared to the limit of the past. Moreover, it would not be wrong to say that this is on the boundary of being called a short type of video but to gain better engagement and maximize upon the likes of usage, we see why Meta might be making the change in the first place.

For the sake of context linked to the TikTok app, the platform says it is allowing users to publish videos that are up to ten minutes or longer. But YouTube Shorts has set out the limit to be around 60 seconds at a maximum.

Meanwhile, Meta is combining Memories in this mix and has allowed for a brand new option so that it can Share it as a Reel from the app’s Memories prompt.

This is definitely one move that we’d like to call out as clever. There are millions of people out there today who are sharing it as a memory on the platform each day. And by the simple addition of Reels in the option for distribution, might be the best way to gain more engagement through such a format. It also hopes it can check out greater Reels on the app with this feature.

On the other hand, Meta is now adding Grooves that would align with videos through automated means using the best music beats that you adore. Last but not least, the company is working hard to expand the Reels templates to the Facebook app. This makes it so much simpler to carry out replicas of video styles that are trending

Users can find the templates for Reels as an option that’s readily available on Instagram. And this new type of variation is also putting particular highlights in the spotlight, not to mention specific trending clips. This is what provides some greater means to tap into the trendiest styles.

We are definitely calling this a replica of the TikTok app. But nevertheless, the fact that Reels are proving to be a major success for Meta across both its Facebook and Instagram platforms. These have doubled in the past year to more than that.

The number of reshares is going up on both of Meta’s leading apps and we’ve seen that happen in the past six months.

YouTube Shorts is currently the format that is trending today and it makes a lot of sense why the firm is so keen on doubling down in areas that it feels it can benefit from revenue-wise.

This is what is happening in places like India. Both Instagram and YouTube are leading the way after a ban on the TikTok app.

As for these new tools, they’re getting rolled out today.

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