Google Reorganizes Its Assistant Team To Direct More Focus On Its AI Chatbot Bard

Google is in no mood of taking a back seat in the AI race as other competitors including OpenAI and Microsoft continue with their winning streaks.

The leading search engine giant is now rethinking its planning and strategies including a complete reshuffle of its entire virtual assistant division that is dubbed Assistant.

The goal is to put more emphasis on its AI-powered chatbot called Bard which may not have gotten the praise and fame that its makers had hoped for. Bard is Google’s answer to innovative AI chat technology.

The news comes after a recent memo was sent out to employees on Wednesday that came with the title, ‘Changes to Assistant and Bard Teams’. Here is where the VP for the company’s Business Unit was seen highlighting some major shuffles to the company which delineated how strongly it planned to focus on Bard.

The memo also sheds light on some changes regarding people leaving the firm for personal reasons and how such shakeups would pave the way to more innovation and different strategies related to Bard.

Those being boarded on as replacements include veterans at Google with 16-year experience including Peeyush Ranjan who overlooked the firm’s commerce department including its payments.

Google says that the teams working at Bard are all the more hopeful that this product has what it takes to stand against other competitors and by working further on its systems and providing better execution, it can create the right kind of impact for users.
Remember, Google Assistant is the name given to AI-powered VR software apps which possess language processing capabilities that are quite near to that of iPhone maker Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

It’s commonly seen on mobile phones as well as other tech devices of home including the Pixel phone and Nest Speakers. Similarly, you can find it in smart display screens, televisions, watches, and vehicles as well.

This new leadership continues to bring about change and it suggests that the organization is making huge plans on combining Bard’s technology into a wide array of other smart products in the near future.

Just last week, we saw Android maker ChatGPT mention to its competitor Bard how this entire ordeal was a trial and they were conducting tests in places like the US and the UK. This was right after we saw a report by CNBC mention how the firm was pulling out members across several divisions so it could put greater focus on Bard after being called Code Red.

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