FTC Receives Complaint Against OpenAI’s ChatGPT For Violating Rules Against Deception And Unfairness

A non-profit organization has launched a complaint against OpenAI’s ChatGPT with the FTC.

CAIDP which is known for advocating its non-profit behavior mentioned in a recent statement how the AI-powered tool was breaking rules left and right that had been set up by the FTC. These rules had to do with unfair treatment and deception.

They called out the makers of the firm for engaging in such behavior and felt it was the right time that the world took notice before it got too late.

This news is breaking because this is the first time that we’re hearing some organizations come forward and make such huge claims against the leading AI firm that has been revolutionizing the tech industry for a while now.

Moreover, the news arrives at a time when we saw big names from the tech industry join hands and offer signatories for an open letter that was directed at top AI labs. The letter called for a temporary pause regarding the training of AI systems that were more powerful than GPT-4 technology.

This complaint was directed toward the Commission to begin an investigation into the matter and see how the latest generation of GPT-4 technology violates the FTC Act. Furthermore, the section explained how there was more guidance on offer about how AI should be run in the country so that it’s a useful endeavor and not one that ends up wreaking havoc and stealing credit from those who have worked hard over the years.

The complaint did not hold back in terms of revealing what it really felt about the matter. And that includes some harsh words to describe how the technology continues to deceive, manipulate, and carry out biased actions on a whole new level. It was also deemed to be a huge hazard to public safety and well-being as well as users’ privacy too.

Quoting OpenAI itself, CAIDP pointed out how the tool can worsen the already annoying trend of misinformation that so many tech giants are failing to control. So the last thing that the world needs right now is a proliferation in this regard.

OpenAI warns that the public is in danger through the hands of AI systems as they can reinforce whole ideologies and truths with untruths while cementing them.

The complaint similarly was seen ripping into ChatGPT’s makers for not carrying out necessary safety checks that are designed to protect the public.

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