SEOs Say Bing Chat is Better Than Google Bard

Both Microsoft and Google have now made their entries into the AI scene because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up putting them front and center with the innovative tech. Microsoft has incorporated an AI chatbot into Bing, allowing users to make queries to the AI and get answers faster than might have been the case otherwise.

Google’s own version of an AI chatbot is called Bard, and many have wondered which of them will end up being superior to the other. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that a recent Twitter poll which asked SEOs to rank each chatbot revealed a lot.

69.3% of SEO professionals who responded to this Twitter poll stated that Bing far surpassed Bard in terms of performance. Google’s Bard only got 30.7% of the votes, which makes it likely that the search engine juggernaut will have a fair bit of catching up to do.

The head of Bing recently stated that he’s not worried about Bard due to the inferiority of Google’s AI. A majority of SEO professionals tend to agree with them. This poll was responded to by 381 SEOs who are active on Twitter. While it is by no means a definitive survey, it does tell us a lot about how SEOs are approaching these new forms of tech.
Granted, Bard has also had marginally less time than Bing Chat to get settled in. There is a chance that further improvements to the AI will allow it to become superior to its counterpart, but up until then, SEOs at the very least will be preferring Bing.

This also happens to the first time that Microsoft has been Google at their own game. Bing has always been a bit of a laughing stock as a search engine, and the initial rollout of Bing Chat did not do much to change that. However, Bard is so poor in quality that it is making Bing Chat look better in comparison which helps Microsoft’s case a fair bit!

H/T: Brodie Clark

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