Former Recruiter At Meta Leaves The World Stunned After Admitting She Got Paid $190,000 To Do Nothing

Have you ever imagined what a dream job would be like? Well, for many it would revolve around doing nothing yet getting paid a fixed salary.

But who knew dreams could actually come true as can be seen with this next real incident of a former recruiter at Meta. She admitted in public how the leading tech giant was paying her a salary worth $190,000 to do basically nothing at the company.

The reason why this is so infuriating for some is that the firm’s CEO mentioned last week how the company was on the rise to carry out more firing sprees because it needed to cut back on costs. Hence, another 21,000 individuals would lose their jobs.

Thanks to one career strategist named Madelyn Machado, a video was posted on the TikTok app that had the title ‘Getting Paid $190k for nothing at Meta’. And as you can imagine, it did not take long for that sort of content to go viral.

The woman recalled her six-month working period and it was definitely a huge blow aimed toward the CEO of Facebook and Instagram- Mark Zuckerberg.

Machado explained through her TikTok account that after arriving at the firm in 2021, her head ordered her not to hire anyone else. And to be told not to hire anyone for the initial six months or even during the first year is a lot, she added.

She was mindblown at the directives that were coming her way from her bosses.

The company that’s based in California has ended up firing tens of thousands of its employees alongside other leading companies like Google, Microsoft, and even Amazon. Their goal was to reverse the hiring sprees that they embarked upon during the pandemic period as the overall goal was to stay aligned with the enhanced growth taking place.

In the now-viral content that has received more than 342,000 views since it was last posted on Wednesday, she detailed further how days were full of doing nothing but learning and no hiring.

But it was not all negative and Meta would take a sigh of relief for that. She praised Facebook’s parent firm for giving the best kind of onboarding out there in the industry and also the best training that has ever come forward from any company in the world.

Her bosses expected her to take in everything they taught her and learn as much as she can in this working period with them. Hence, that’s why she related her experience to be like drinking out of a fire hose or being bombarded with all sorts of information.

The craziest part came later and that had to do with taking part in a long list of team meetings but she found that weird as they never hired anyone. But what was discussed at those team meetings is how people weren’t hiring anyone and making sure of it.

However, in the spring of 2022, they fired her as the benefits of her working package became viral after she publicly spoke about them on her social media account.

Getting paid this much and not doing anything for her was an absolute dream and she really did need to pinch herself to see if this was actually real or a fairytale.

Today, she misses her job and does wish she could go back but again, it’s the experience that counts and she’s so grateful for that.

We’re not quite sure what Meta is going to make of her latest video because that’s a huge blow to the firm, considering the major layoffs taking place as we speak.

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