Hacking Competition Sees Top Tech Titans Apple, Microsoft, And Tesla Fall At The Hands Of Elite Hackers

The famous Pwn2Own hacking competition for 2023 was seen kicking off in Vancouver yesterday. And the results are now making headlines for obvious reasons.

Top tech titans including Apple, Tesla, Oracle, and Microsoft were among those severely compromised and taken over by elite hackers. They all fell to zero-day security exploitation action. And it was just over the span of one day that it took place.

But it’s not over yet as the event that began on the 22nd of March is now going to conclude today so we’ve got one more day to go to see what other shocking results come forward.

As far as the rewards for the actions are concerned, well, they’re worth it. Think along the lines of $1 million and already, $375,000 was given out to those that came out on top. So many remaining targets such as Microsoft Teams and the VMWare Workstation still remain to be targeted and it’s safe to say that by the looks of it, they’re going to be tested big time.

For those who may not be familiar, this Pwn2Own event designated for hacking is conducted globally each year and it’s been up for grabs since the year 2005. A lot of the world’s best teams who excel in hacking compete against one another as they try to ward off tech targets that were outlined beforehand as the areas to overcome to attain the winning prize.

And these all happen to be the biggest names in the industry, adding more challenge to their difficult task. They are all required to make use of zero-day exploits that weren’t known in the past.

And if that was not daunting enough, they have to complete the hacking challenge in a specific time period which people call out to be very strict in terms of the time limit. The goal is to pwn these targets and the ultimate success is determined through points added to the Masters of Pwn leaderboard.

But don’t underestimate this project at all because the competition is major and very strong here and so are the payments which many deem to be impressive.

We’re quite sure how on earth can a task like hacking be promoted as something good? And there is one simple answer to that. Each time a vulnerability is exploited, it’s sent back to the vendor so they can look deeper into the matter and find a solution.

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