OpenAI Introduces Massive Upgrade To Its ChatGPT Tool With The Additional Support For Plug-Ins

OpenAI is not holding back in terms of making its ChatGPT tool more efficient than ever.

The company has opted to provide additional support for the likes of plug-ins for the tool which is definitely a huge upgrade in terms of the software’s ability to give more. Furthermore, it’s designed to provide a massive expansion of the tool’s capabilities to give out more access to the web’s live data.

In the past, what we’ve seen is ChatGPT getting limited by the simple fact that it can extract information through training data that would end in the year 2021. Moreover, OpenAI says such features would enable the chatbot to search the internet but also simultaneously carry out interactions with different web pages too. So what it is doing is turning this system into a huge interface for various services and websites.

The news comes as the company mentioned through a public post that it is nearly similar to allowing different services to turn into the eyes and ears of the leading AI-powered tool.

One example was provided which showcased how some people use the tool to search for recipes and end up getting all the necessary ingredients through Instacart. Next, the chatbot loads the list of ingredients into a shopping service while sending the user to a website to finish that order.

OpenAI claims it is sending out plug-ins to gather access to a small number of users. At the start, there were 11 plug-ins for sites that were external. But now, the company is opting to add its own. One of them would be linked to interpreting code and then another dubbed Browsing would be to attain data through the web.

As far as examples of what such plug-ins can achieve are concerned, the firm delineates through an example how one person questions the sales at the box office for this year’s list of winners at the Oscars. It would be in comparison to some recently launched films.

The bot displays which sources it is on the lookout for, right before releasing the answer. And before, it would not even have been possible to attain something of this sort.

We can see some great similarities between this feature and the likes of the AI-powered search by Microsoft’s Bing. It has a custom tech that feeds the GPT-4 data from the web.

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