Can ChatGPT Be Used to Improve SEO Content Writing? Here's What Google's John Mueller Thinks

The various ways in which ChatGPT and other forms of AI chatbots can be used are hard to predict, but in spite of the fact that this is the case it is already being utilized to implement a wide array of professional tasks. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the many areas that ChatGPT could prove useful in, and Google’s John Mueller definitely had a lot to say about that.

Some experts believe ChatGPT can be used (to some degree) to improve SEO, but some are not in the favor of this AI tech.

When a user on Twitter asked John Mueller "If we rewrite our own content with the help of tools like #ChatGPT without losing its helpfulness and relevancy. Does it reduce the quality of the article due to AI involvement or does it boost the article considering the quality revamp?", the Googler answered that "Why do you need to rewrite your own content? Is it bad?", which suggest either the tech in question has not reached the level of maturity some marketers are expecting from it, while Google still trying to be careful around AI uses when it comes to content creation.

However, Mueller's replies suggests that ChatGPT can’t be used to create content from scratch, nor can it be used to salvage or repurpose content that was not good in the first place. The best way to look at ChatGPT or indeed any other chatbot out there is as an editing tool. Relying on it to come up with all of your content will make it rather bland, and that is why Mueller does not recommend adopting such a strategy.
He also seemed to indicate that ChatGPT can’t replace actual real world experience because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up providing context that a Large Language Model won’t be able to recognize. This is due to it being a text prediction algorithm rather than actual intelligent brain.

All in all, ChatGPT can most definitely provide some useful features for SEO professionals all around the world (such as when it comes to keyword research or small lines of rephrasing such as Titles). It just doesn’t appear to be the silver bullet that so many people think it is. A good chunk of people are look at ChatGPT as a shortcut to good writing, but until the chatbot experiences a lot of advanced this just won’t be a practical way to look at it.

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