YouTube Music Gives Users An Exciting Radio Experience With Its ‘Create A Radio’ Offering

Create a Radio is a feature that was launched by YouTube Music at the start of this month.

It was available to both iPhone and Android users, simulating a revamped version of the entire radio experience. But now, the company is going official with the launch, speaking more in detail about what it plans to offer.

This is a capability by Youtube Music that provides more flexibility in song selection and control in terms of what users are listening to. And to establish another radio station, users would be asked to scroll through their feeds on the app until they come across the option for creating a radio.

Furthermore, don’t get confused as the tab says ‘your music tuner’. After that, users would be required to select nearly 30 different music artists of their preference from a bucketload of suggestions thrown at them when making the decision.

Users are also being provided with the chance to organize their song selection and how frequently they wish to see such selected artists pop up on their playlists. In the same way, they can even select from three separate options that include categories like Discover, Familiar, and Blend.

These would either provide suggestions for artists of a similar nature or make you stick to the usual ones that you’ve selected. Moreover, users can even set up filters to create the right mood for any specific playlist like downbeat or chill, or pump-up.

Whenever a change is required for the user’s station, they can simply press the button for Tune that’s seen on the interface’s bottom when listening to the playlist. In the end, this new playlist needs to be saved by a manual technique.

For that, the user needs to press the button called ‘Add to Library’ that is found right next to the play button. How exciting is this?

YouTube is expanding the launch to more regions because right now it's only for the app’s Premium and Music users.

H/T: 9to5G

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