Meta Introduces New Improvements To Its Quest Platform Including ‘Direct Touch’ Without Controllers

Meta has recently gone public with the decision to enhance its Quest platform.

The company announced today how it hopes to improve the Quest with exciting changes. And one of the most talked about includes direct touching with the need for controllers.

It’s an experimental design that allows users to press and even swipe using just their hands. On the other hand, the tech giant is also launching an in-game feature that enables multitasking on the Meta Quest 2 app. This is an upgraded version to that seen from the Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers.

At the moment, Facebook’s parent company already enjoys hand tracking, a feature launched on the platform around 2019. But now, users are going to be given the chance to do more than simply pinch the likes of air for better interactions in the world of Virtual Reality.

This new offering gives rise to users pressing buttons and swiping across the game library. They can also use their hands to type texts on virtual keyboards. Hence, you can literally bid farewell to the controller for such action commands.

In the past week, we saw the company’s CEO mention through a post on Instagram’s Reel that showcased a new demo for this exciting rollout. And by the looks of it, it’s quite similar to using touchscreens on smart devices. Now that’s something that would surely attract users.

Meta’s CEO mentioned through a post on Instagram that such offerings as hand gestures add a more natural appeal. Moreover, the firm mentioned in the announcement made today how the Direct Touch offering is definitely more intuitive and allows for greater user engagement with the system and the two-dimensional panels on display.

You can find the offering inside Meta’s Experimental Settings and it’s now up for grabs to all Quest 2 and Quest Pro users.

Meanwhile, Quest 2 users would also be attaining the likes of multitasking in the game and that was not seen in the past for Quest Pro. Whenever you do end up playing games, users can just press the Quest button and publish 2D apps through its respective library including Instagram and even the Quest browser.

Other than the v50 update, we’re seeing the firm reduce the time taken for self-tracking to begin the Meta Quest Touch Pro via controllers. Each time users prepare themselves by wearing headsets, it would take much less time for controllers to realize where they are currently present.

Similarly, it allows for faster responses to users that wish to switch from means such as tracking by hand to that linked to controllers.

Meta says it also hopes to add some more similar updates like this to its Quest Touch Pro in the near future. So as you can see, it does have some great plans in the pipeline.

As days go by, the company is really investing big time in its metaverse. But the news is a little startling because we last head of its VR/AR department recorded losses in billions last year. In terms of revenue generation, it could only gain $2 billion, and later on, it plans to roll out a new consumer VR headset by the end of 2023.

On another front, the tech giant would also be going head to head with the likes of fellow arch rival and leading iPhone maker Apple. The latter has huge plans for its own VR headset launch that has been under wraps for a while now.

We saw Bloomberg mention how this product would entail the likes of advanced tracking through the eyes and more capabilities like hand tracking among others.

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