Bing Chat Tests New Feature That Hides Citations To Publishers For Some Edge Sidebar Search Results

It’s been a week or so since we heard about the launch of Microsoft’s much-hyped-up AI-powered chatbot dubbed the new Bing Search.

Since then, it has been making heads turn as users get excited to grab a hold of the program.

For now, the launch is limited to a selected number of people and that’s when we saw all sorts of feedback and reviews take center stage. One of those was linked to its Edge Sidebar and today, we are hearing more about how the company wishes to introduce an exciting change on this front.

Microsoft has started to test a feature that would prevent links and citations to publishers from getting displayed by default across its Edge Sidebar. Therefore, instead of a link or a citation, it would be putting up an option that states, ‘click to view’. After pressing on that, Bing allows you to see more citations or links pertaining to that.

This ended up getting spotted and talked about by Glenn Gabe this week. He posted his reservations on the matter through his Twitter account plus Blog and hoped to get the necessary response from the company because he found it concerning.

He further denoted that on some queries, the links and citations for his queries were getting displayed but then on other occasions, they became collapsed toward the end. This happened to be seen right behind the tab for click-to-view.

So in turn, what that ended up doing was disguising websites that were getting cited. Furthermore, the user just had trouble navigating and it made it all very complex for him.

Now, the company is trying to fix the concerns, showing pictures of what the problem looked like in the past in default and what it should be looking like after the change.

All in all, the new Edge Sidebar by Bing Search should load at the top of the website visited whenever a user plans on visiting those certain pages. So you may be viewing the content and while doing just that, Bing may just opt to disguise the links that navigate you toward other publishers.

The reason might be due to the user being on a competitor perhaps. That’s still a mystery for now but seeing Microsoft act swiftly to make such changes based on user feedback is definitely a great initiative.

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