YouTube has added two new features to help its creators get better user engagement on the platform

YouTube, the global online video sharing platform, is back with two new updates to help content creators get more engaged with their viewers. These updates were highlighted by Creator Insider, an informal YouTube channel that provides insight on the latest Creator technical team updates.

Starting off with the first update, according to Conor, the platform has introduced a new comment filter. The filter includes responses with new replies, which has been highly requested by the creators. The main idea behind this new filter is to let content creators find comments that were previously responded to by the creator and have received new responses. As a result, they will be able to carry on their conversations with the audience and build their community by actively engaging with them.

The filter has been added under the Response Status section in Studio along with the Haven’t responded and Responded filters. The feature will soon be available globally to all creators on both desktop and mobile, anytime in the upcoming weeks.

Moving on to the second update, the platform is introducing a new visualization for studio mobile creators. The feature is named “horizontal stacked bar chart.” According to the screen shared by Conor, differences can be seen in the before and after changes of “How viewers find you,” also known as the traffic sources.

The company is planning to update more metrics in the future. The purpose of such changes is to help creators instantly visualize the data of their YouTube channel and relate it with each other.

YouTube is actively working on different projects to help its creators grow. The platform has been working continuously to provide resources in order to connect audiences more with their favorite creators. Furthermore, the platform has been focusing on areas such as monetization to retain its content creators.

In a previous video uploaded by the channel, Conor gave answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the YouTube Partner Program, which enables creators to have access to resources as well as monetization. And if they want support from the creator team, they can get in touch through the project.

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