Google Unveils Exciting New Features For Its Maps, Search And Translate Services

Google hosted a new live stream today from the French city of Paris where the tech giant could be seen talking about an array of new features powered by AI technology.

The company says it hopes to include these as a part of its Maps, Search and Translate endeavors. It’s quite interesting how the news comes at a time when it only recently went public with reports of its new chatbot called Bard.

The tech giant says the tool would be an archrival for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Similarly, it mentioned how it would be testing it internally right before a release is made to the public in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, there’s more news on the Translation side of things where the tech giant is launching another feature that provides context to terms having several different meanings. For now, the feature is up for grabs in several languages like Spanish, German, French, and even English. But it does hope to conduct an expansion soon in a few more languages by the next few months. Similarly, those having Android devices fitted with RAM of 6MB or even greater than that would be able to benefit from translating the text into pictures.

Meanwhile, while talking about pictures, the search engine giant mentioned how it plans on adding new features to its Lens that would be rolled out in a few months.

This would enable phone owners to search the screen and take on images and video content through the likes of websites and other apps while Lens can be utilized to get more data from such pictures and videos. In the same way, Google is conducting an expansion for another feature that’s dubbed multi-search. This allows them to look for text and images simultaneously.

Google mentioned some more updates about another immersive view offering in its Maps that’s present in several destinations. This entails the likes of New York, London. Tokyo, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

This offering gives users the chance to look at such places from the top in a complete 3D view. Moreover, the effect is so photorealistic that it goes down toward the level of the streets.

Hence, users in such cities including Paris can benefit from it through their Search by entering Maps and clicking on the Live View. Similarly, this offering would be using AI features to display places of interest while walking outside with your device.

Google mentioned more on another release called the immersive view for its Maps which gives people more details about those possessing electric vehicles. They also hope to incorporate places for EV charging stations depending on where the user’s car is located based on what the car’s current charging displays and how much traffic the user may be surrounded with and the current status of the battery too.

This particular live stream from Google also shed light on how the company has no plans to release its AI chatbot to wider audiences right now. It’s very different from the approach taken by fellow arch-rival Microsoft and its respective Bing chatbot.

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