Chrome Rolls Out New And Secure Biometric Password Manager

It’s about time that we’re hearing news about Chrome rolling out a new and improved way for users to manage their passwords online.

The feature is designed to target user accounts that have been complaining for so long about not being able to remember long and complex passwords. And while being safe is the call of the day, it’s not easy to recall each and every credential.

So that’s where password managers come into play. They do the work for you and while you’ll find several options up for grabs in the market, convenience, and reliability is really what separates one person from the next.

This particular built-in password manager by Google Chrome is reigning supreme and the Android maker says it has really managed to make it safer with the addition of a new biometric verification for both laptops and desktop PCs.

The new password manager is so versatile and allows for a range of activities including syncing in an effortless and seamless manner all users’ passwords seen on their Gmail accounts and various devices.

We agree that the lack of convenience from the past has left users frustrated and they’ve been calling for biometric verification for quite some time now.

But now, if users’ computers make use of this biometric feature that entails fingerprint reading and face scanning for authentication, they could soon be saying hello to modern innovation of a new kind. It would be used to access credentials that are located on the password manager by Chrome.

Moreover, you can think of it as a near to identical experience on various smart devices when getting access to passwords that are saved under Chrome’s settings. After a user gets their respective authentication, they can greatly benefit from copying and saving passwords and editing the record.

Still, Chrome says that users need to select strong passwords for their new accounts. If any credential happened to be compromised, the user will similarly get alerts in case they missed it.

For now, users are not seeing the feature getting launched across their devices yet but it’s coming soon as experts claim it’s getting rolled out at a slow pace.

There are also no details on whether or not this new password manager shows support for the likes of Windows Hello which is known for using facial recognition technology. But it should offer great compatibility with the likes of the newer Mac version.

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