YouTube’s Go Live Together Feature Gets Wider Release For Greater Collaboration On The App

At the end of 2022, we heard about YouTube rolling out a new feature called Go Live Together.

The whole idea behind such a rollout was to allow users to co-stream with their favorite creators. And now, we’re hearing more news about how the offering is attaining a wider release.

This would allow all the channels on the app having 50 subscribers to go live with a friend of their preference and even collaborate on the famous streaming app.

On the whole, the sole requirement of this feature is that it enables those starting off live streams to have a minimum requirement of 50 subscribers.

Therefore, that person may go out and invite anyone they wish to co-stream with them. For now, the feature may only get activated through this platform. Therefore, it means that if you tend to have a more fancy approach with proper camera setups at your residence and wish to run it by your PC, you may be out of luck this time.

For many, that last feature could seem to be a little disappointing. After all, the platform does claim it’s busy working on the likes of a desktop which users may soon get some sort of co-stream feature. But at the same time, it fails to send out timelines of when users may expect something of this sort.

But the real question on some people’s minds is how to make it work on the likes of a mobile device?

Simply open up the app on the smart device and make your way toward the option that boldly mentioned Go Live Together. After that, you end up with some standard details for streams like titles, settings for monetization, and even descriptions among others.

After that part gets completed, simply click on the likes of Done, and then you will have a single option that states, ‘invite a co-streamer’.

Go about sending invites to your choice of co-host that you’d like to take on and after they press on that link, you’ll be sending them off to the waiting room for the necessary setup.

After going live, you then get the chance of allowing guests to stream. And in case you want more details, you can simply go on to the link on YouTube’s main page to explore more.
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