Xbox’s VP Says There’s No Fool-Proof Way To Guarantee Users' Safety Against Harassment And Abuse Online

It’s probably not the best news for internet users today but the boss of Xbox's head is making some harsh claims about the reality of online abuse.

He did not waste too much time beating around the bush and went on to mention how there is no guaranteed way to ensure users such as minorities and women are protected from abuse.

Speaking to Sky News for a recently held interview, he added that you cannot find a silver bullet that would protect them against harassment online. Moreover, Dave McCarthy added how it’s sad that one bitter experience of a user online can result in trust shattering. And when they go public with the news, it can similarly affect many others in the industry.

Dave McCarthy added how Microsoft’s Xbox is taking on a new pledge to renew its commitment to how it views online safety. This includes saying hello to various tools that the tech giant is using to ensure both kids and others remain safe at all times on the platform.

This is definitely something that has been happening for a while now. They’ve been at it for quite some time and they’ve got all of the necessary tools that hold so many others accountable, he mentioned.

Among those include the likes of artificial intelligence that goes through millions of texts and pictures on the platform to highlight any form of abusive content or behavior taking place.

There is similarly plenty of AI solutions in place that detects bot accounts that may be wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, he similarly detailed how Xbox is now making use of AI models like ChatGPT that use the great feature of machine-based learning to bring about fruitful results.

This AI model finds all abusive accounts owned by bots in a simple manner that entails identifying a certain peculiar behavior. These detection algorithms make the whole process just so much simpler. It’s like you can search for a needle in a haystack with ease. But humans still need to keep an eye out as validation by manpower is still necessary.

At the same time, a lot of discussions surrounded the likes of the company enabling the use of language specialists to work side by side with AI technology. This would highlight the newest types of language that are utilized in spreading hate or conducting harassment.

McCarthy has also provided some relief to those that feel less confident about not being heard. He says there is a new appeals process in place so people can voice any concerns or queries that they may be having. Furthermore, he feels this just adds strength to the platform because it makes users understand that the firm wants to listen to them and is going to plan a specific course of action in that regard.

Xbox knows that the challenges are plenty and the journey can never end. But what they do realize is how much growth and advances they’re making in different compartments over time.

The news comes after the Online Safety Bill was looked down upon with much criticism by numerous tech bosses. And they may end up facing jail time if and when they failed to protect younger audiences.

Moreover, such a bill is now even forcing the firms’ managers to become more cautious of what is going on under their noses because they could similarly be held responsible for missing out on abuse and failing to rightly protect kids from viewing harmful content on the app.

Xbox highlighted its specific steps to better protect kids online. This entails using the Minecraft franchise so kids are better educated in subjects like data protection.

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