Google On A Mission To Fight Disinformation After Launching A New ‘Prebunking’ Campaign

Google is one of the world’s largest search engines and that comes with plenty of responsibility that rests upon its shoulders.

The leading tech giant has huge control over what sort of data may be accessed by users around the globe. And as we speak, the Android maker already has so many plans in place that ward off the likes of misinformation and end up giving a more balanced search result.

But that does not mean the system in place currently is free from error. Yes, Google has been called out by critics for years for not doing enough to prevent the spread of misinformation. And no matter how much it refutes the claims, more and more stats and research prove otherwise.

This might be one of the many reasons why the company is now opting to launch a new pre-bunking campaign. The new endeavor has just now expanded across all of Europe as it attained success in certain nations like Poland and Slovakia. But what exactly it does is a question on many people's minds.

Well, it’s not only designed to fight against the likes of some fake news but also equips the platform with more public tools that assist in the fight against misinformation. And in end, they’re better able to stand firm against techniques involving manipulation.

The countries of Europe where success was seen showcased how the search engine giant even ran videos on the apps and addressed some huge problems such as misinformation and called it out as being Polish. It unfolded some unique stories like the ongoing Ukrainian refugees entering Poland and causing mayhem.

This is where they ended up serving some unnamed actors that masked major issues in the world. As a whole, the content being put out was turning the world into a monster where clear solutions were nowhere to be seen. Instead, you’re left with viewers feeling confused about what to trust online and what not to.

Google hopes to expand to places like Germany in the next few months. And if it does turn out to be a success, then Google would like to expect other markets soon. After all, experts feel the fight against the likes of misinformation is never easy and can only get harder with time as technology advances.

But seeing Google and software giant Microsoft makes big investments in AI-powered chatbots means that whether they like it or not, misinformation would be coming forward inadvertently.

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