Alphabet’s Head Explains Why Google Was So Reluctant To Launch Its Own AI Chatbot?

The trend of AI technology and chatbots have shown us in recent times that this wave isn’t going away anytime soon.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon after seeing the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Last week, search engine giant Google also announced how it was supposed to show the world more about the technology it possesses that’s quite similar to ChatGPT. The product is dubbed Bard and as many can imagine, the expectations are certainly running high.

But truth be told, it is yet ready for a public release and is still being tested internally. It has a long way to go before it actually sees a launch, these were the recently spoken words by the parent firm’s chairman on Monday.

He claims that the Android maker was very reluctant to put it out in the market as it never felt that it was ready. But it did feel that it was right at its place of being a demo vehicle. He similarly says the technology used is great. And despite what others may say or do, AI is still not ready to be its best version. For that, we might need to wait for a good one or even two years before we can safely rely on it to produce the best results as a helpful tool.

Speaking at a recent summit that was put out by Celesta Capital in California, the Chairman added what he felt were going to be the key trends of 2023 and even touched upon the sudden rush of the popularity of ChatGPT and the world of generative artificial intelligence.

In the past week or so, the firm set out a launch to show the world that it indeed was going to go head to head with ChatGPT as the latter was making roaring success and putting others at threat.

We saw the likes of Microsoft also come forward and launch their own product called the new Bing Search Engine which has been making waves with millions of downloads already. But the success caused the shares of Google to fall down by nearly 9% on that day.

But why is tech giant Google so slow in terms of others for a launch? Well, it has to do with how it’s been giving unsatisfactory answers as shown during a recent public demo. And the fact that Google is one of the most used products belonging to consumers including the likes of YouTube and its search engine, there is a lot riding on its shoulders.

Many called the company out in the past for promoting disinformation and doing very little to curb it so as you can imagine, they’re taking even more caution now than ever.

As Sundar Pichai had repeated several times in the past, the last thing that any leading tech firm like Google would want is to put out a new system that makes wrong claims or ends up producing content that is dubbed toxic.

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