Young children have been donating money to streamers without informing their parents

A U.K.-based media company, Virgin Media O2, has revealed recently that children of ages 6 to 16 have been transferring money to streamers without letting their parents know.

The media house surveyed 1,000 parents of young children who watch online content. Results showed that 17 percent of young viewers send money to social media influencers and content streamers. 23 percent of them said that money is sent out every day, while 31 percent said it happens every week. And 11 percent said that their young ones had donated money without letting their parents know. 57 percent of the parents were unaware of the fact that money can be sent out through such platforms.

Dana Haidan, Chief Sustainability Officer of the media company, stated that as children are spending more time online, parents need to know what the kids are up to. When kids were asked to participate in the survey, 16% of them said they get their parent’s permission before sending out money, while 18% said they believed their parents wouldn’t allow it. Children around the age of 6 or 7 had different reasons for donating money. 51% wanted to give something back in return, 46% wanted to help their favorite streamers or creators, and 45% said it looks fun to give cash.
39% of the kids would send money just to have access to the VIP content. 77 percent of the children who receive money from parents said that they would most likely be giving it to creators or streamers. When it comes to getting caught by parents, 46% of the parents enabled parental lock, 33% limited Internet access for their children, and some parents agreed that if their children asked them for permission, they would let them donate the money.

Dana Haidan expressed that content streamers are doing pretty well by engaging a wide community with it. Many young children are looking forward to it as a career opportunity. While advising kids who give donations to their favorite streamers; she said that showing appreciation and supporting creators by sending money is understandable, but at the same time it is important to have permission from their parents.

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