WhatsApp Rolls Out New Global Status Update Featuring Enhanced Privacy And Reactions Among Others

WhatsApp is a platform that needs no introduction whatsoever. And it can be said without a doubt that the versatility of the app continues to increase with time.

The company has managed to instill success on various connectivity fronts around the globe and now, it’s rolling out a new status update that can be availed from today onwards.

This new update includes various features that better users’ experience and although the original status was launched six years back, it’s clear to see how the app has come a long way in terms of stiff competition for rivals like Snapchat.

The company announced how it hopes to better the privacy of this feature for all of its users by adding enhanced security as a part of its settings. This way, users can benefit from safeguarding their privacy, it confirmed.

Moreover, this particular status provides great access to different updates and also enables a small glance at what users may be up to throughout their 24-hour long day.

The features will give users the chance to share more images, text, video content, and others. So as you can see, versatility is key here. But despite all of this, many do feel that they might not be in the mood to share more with everyone on their respective contact list.

This is where a new feature called the app’s Privacy Audience Selector arises. Moreover, such a feature means saying hello to having more control over who sees the status and who does not. It’s more convenient and would ensure recall of who the app’s selected audience may be and also vows to remember that particular group when users opt to make a new update.

Additionally, this new status would be supporting the likes of voice messages that feature around 30-second-long recorded audio content that can be published on the app. So as can be seen, it’s allowing users to express themselves in a much better manner.

But that’s not all. Users will also be given the ability to send out reactions on their status with the likes of emojis.

This enables users to provide quick and convenient reactions without the need to resort to texts or add a reaction. To send out emojis as their reactions, users would be required to swipe on statuses in an upward manner and choose from one of the eight emojis on offer.

This new ring would ensure all users’ status updates would be much more noticeable to all and would include the status profile as well. So in the end, anyone on the app can see whenever there’s a new status or update.

Lastly, the company is adding link previews with the respective URLs posted across a status. This adds sheer convenience by adding small previews for what a user can expect, right before they click on links.

You can take advantage of all these features by simply updating to the newer version of the app as the rollout is now live with more to come in the next week or so.

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