Microsoft Unveils New AI Version Of Its Bing Search Engine With Plans To Help Others Make Chatbots

Microsoft has unveiled a new AI-powered version of its Bing search engine that is reportedly driven by the same technology behind the famous chatbot ChatGPT.

The software giant was observed mentioning today how it plans for a launch soon and alongside that, it hopes to roll out new AI features for the Edge browser too. Moreover, the company says it hopes that all of this will lead to enhanced web browsing amid searches to find great information on the web.

The company's CEO made the breakthrough announcement at an event scheduled today where he says web search may not have changed over the years but the power of AI technology can really set out a new way of delivering information, in a more efficient manner than before.

He also added how the race begins now and Microsoft really hopes to move faster in this regard. Similarly, he spoke of having a lot more fun in terms of innovation in the world of search as it’s about time that advancements were made on this front.

A series of demonstrations were unveiled today that showcased Bing functioning across different types of configurations. One of those methods portrayed AI annotations that go side by side while allowing others to make conversations directly with the respective chatbot involved. So you can see it as a new chat interface.

Microsoft further showcased different types of searches while adding inputs for queries on food, travel, shopping, lifestyle, and more. There was even one request for the chatbot to come up with a proper itinerary of Mexico City. And the answer to such queries was answered through the likes of a chatbot.

It’s more advanced that the ChatGPT tool as it can grab a hold of the latest happenings in the world of news and answer things related to its own launch. Clearly, this is history as it’s never been done before.

Meanwhile, new reports from CNBC claim that such innovation might just be the start of many more great new things. We are expecting to see the software giant venture out and assist so many huge firms and other institutions like schools and businesses make their own AI-powered chatbots with the use of technology from OpenAI.

Moreover, the article released in this regard also shed light on the likes of offering new and improved chatbot-making tools that can be availed by respective third parties to enhance customer service. You could soon see chatbots churn out solutions for agents in the customer service industry that assist people seeking answers to their problems.

But one of the major drawbacks of such an initiative has to do with the likes of making use of too much computing power. And that in turn means saying hello to more expenses. This article adds how Microsoft may be giving such firms more tools that help determine what the costs linked to running a chatbot could be and furthermore how they may find a way to keep costs down.

In the same way, we may soon see companies finding more solutions thanks to Microsoft in terms of enhancing the answers being given out by the respective chatbot. Don’t be surprised to see chatbots assisting brands with their marketing solutions too as both OpenAI and Microsoft hope plan to make more funds by selling access to such chatbots and more. For now, there is limited work on how that would turn out.

The company’s CEO knows this is huge news and that’s why he’s referring to Microsoft’s contribution to AI search as one of the biggest endeavors since the Cloud arose. And that was nearly 15 years back.

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