TikTok’s Auto-Scroll Feature - A New Way To Navigate Your Feed

TikTok’s newest feature is a step towards modernizing technological enslavement according to all the users that have come across the news yet. The new feature - Auto-scroll is a new way to navigate your TikTok feed, offering a seamless and uninterrupted scrolling experience.

Users can now easily scroll through their TikTok feed without having to stop and load new videos. As users scroll down their feed, new videos will automatically load, allowing for a smooth and continuous browsing experience.

This feature was brought to the spotlight by a Tweet by HammadOh. It isn’t clear yet if the feature is available on both Android and iOS.

Previously, to enable auto-scroll, users had to download an auto-scroll application separately. This won't be a problem anymore since users can find this option in the settings of any video and enable it in an instance. The feature is found beneath the 'clear mode' and above the 'report' and 'not-interested' options.

This auto-scroll feature is indeed a revolutionary update. The manual refreshing is time-consuming and disruptive, especially for users who follow a large number of accounts. It also disrupts the momentum of users invested in entertainment. TikTok's new feature gives an easy solution by eradicating the need for manual refresh.

One of its benefits of it is that it helps users stay engaged with their TikTok feed for longer periods. With the seamless and uninterrupted scrolling experience, users can quickly and easily catch up on all the latest videos from the accounts they follow.

Another benefit of the feature is that it can help users discover new and interesting content. As they scroll through their feed, they may come across tweets and accounts that they have not seen before. This can lead to new connections and a more dynamic and engaging TikTok experience.

Although TikTok’s intention is pure and good, one of the comments on the tweet that announced the discovery of this feature had quite the backlash to offer. The person stated “Finally an infinite source of addictive dopamine, now can funnel all the excessive information straight into your brain WITHOUT YOUR INPUT! I’m surprised it took them that long to make it. Sure, it is useful for people with disabilities, but it feels like a giant step to modernize dystopia.”

We’re not so sure after reading this if TikTok’s auto-scroll is a good initiative after all. It would lead users to spend countless hours on the platform, engaging in disruptive behavior, leading to dystopia - a messed up society. Considering how the platform is overcrowded with influencers portraying an ideal lifestyle, endless scrolling in this type of environment can lead to feelings of insufficiency, despair, and unrealistic expectations.

Since TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms at the moment, Auto-Scroll means great responsibility since it can add to potential human misbehavior. The platform should think twice before launching such a potentially damaging feature.

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