Google Celebrates Safer Internet Day By Unveiling New Search Feature That Blurs Explicit Pictures

Search engine giant Google says it’s planning to celebrate Safer Internet Day by rolling out a few new and helpful changes.

The features would all be designed to ensure users take part in safer activities on the web that makes their experience more worthwhile and secure.

Out of those certain activities includes one that is set for release in the next few months. This would blur out all explicit pictures in the search results that become a part of the default setting. And that’s true, even in cases when the respective safe search setting isn’t turned on.

For those that do not know, the search engine has put out SafeSearch filtering as its default setting for all those below the age of 18.

Moreover, users will be getting the chance to adjust settings in cases when they don’t have any supervised account or happen to be signed out from their respective Gmail. Now, the search would be designed to blur all sorts of explicit images too.

The news comes as a few screenshots were put forward by Google itself which says the blur settings would mask any explicit pictures but wouldn’t do anything to the likes of text or particular links. Moreover, this filter would also ensure all three are covered in one go, adding sheer convenience on the part of the user.

On the other hand, Google says it’s busy adding more enhanced protection layers to its own password manager feature too across the likes of Chrome and its respective Android.

The tech giant mentioned how users with supported devices would now be given the chance to allow for biometric verification, right before they take part in the saved password feature for forms.

Moreover, Google adds how users may also make use of this feature to copy, change, and reveal passwords in a more authentic manner for documents like forms.

Google notes how folks may make use of the feature when they save it across the password manager without the need to punch in the actual password on their first attempt.

The firm similarly adds how it hopes to enhance the privacy and protection of the Google application for iOS users as well. And that reminds us of how users can better secure their app through the likes of Face identification to keep spying eyes away from users’ data.

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