Twitter's Verification Process Under Scrutiny: Researchers Uncovers Dozens Of Bot Profiles With Blue Ticks

As per recent reports, it was discovered that Twitter is allowing verified checkmarks on profiles created by bots. Both Twitter users and professionals have expressed alarm over this, questioning the veracity and legitimacy of these bot profiles.

To separate authentic accounts from impersonators, Twitter launched the verified checkmark in 2009. Only prominent people, such as celebrities, politicians, and journalists, had access to this feature at first. In contrast, Twitter widened the authentication procedure in 2016 to encompass smaller companies, nonprofits, and other groups.

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Researchers investigated this matter and discovered that Twitter gave verified check marks to many bot users. Bot profiles were discovered to be spreading false information, propaganda, and misleading content, which could have a significant impact on public opinion.

Twitter has responded to these findings by stating that they are aware of the issue and are working to address it. The company stated that they have a team dedicated to reviewing verified accounts and revoking their checkmark if they are found to violate Twitter's policies.

In response to the findings of the investigation, Twitter has since made updates to its verification process. The company has introduced ID verification and dedicated badges to distinguish legitimate accounts from impersonators.

ID verification requires account owners to provide their real name, a profile picture, and a government-issued ID. This process helps to ensure that an account owner is a real person and not a bot or impersonator.

Twitter has also introduced logo-based badges as an alternative to the blue checkmark for verified accounts. The logo-based badge is intended to be more accessible and is available to a wider range of account owners, including individual users and small businesses.

However, some experts believe that this is not enough and that Twitter needs to take more stringent measures to ensure that its verification process is transparent, consistent, and free of bot profiles. Also, research indicates that approximately 300k users have signed up for a Twitter Blue subscription, which indicates that users are attracted to this feature in good quantity, and they will not enjoy the presence of bots in the free speech platform.

Twitter users are also speaking out and expressing their concerns about the impact that these bot profiles could have on public discourse and opinion. Some users are calling for Twitter to take more action to protect the credibility and authenticity of its verified accounts.

In conclusion, the investigation has shed light on a significant issue facing Twitter, and it raises questions about the credibility and authenticity of verified accounts on the platform. Twitter must take immediate action to address this issue and ensure that its verification process is transparent, consistent, and free of bot profiles.

It is essential for Twitter users to be aware of this issue and to critically evaluate the sources of information that they encounter on the platform. By doing so, they can help to maintain the integrity and credibility of public discourse on Twitter and prevent the spread of false information and propaganda.

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