Even If Smartphone Shipment Is Declining Since 2022, Its Camera Resolution Keeps on Improving

According to Counterpoint Smartphone Camera Tracker report, OEMs are still working on upgrading the camera quality of smartphones even after the decline of smartphone shipments in 2022. There are many tricks and techniques in the smartphone market which can turn the camera resolution to a higher level. Smartphone OEMs have been using the already existing cameras to advance the microchip sets within the camera. Many new software algorithms are also being introduced in the cameras to improve their functioning. OEMs are not using macro cameras and depth to improve the camera quality, rather they are focusing on improving the core camera functions. This means that the cameras with 8MP and low resolutions are no longer in the race.

Even amidst the smartphone shipment crisis in 2022, Apple seemed to sell more smartphones as compared to Android. So smartphones with 10MP-12MP resolutions had an increase in market share. But this resolution isn't going to get so far in 2023 because the iPhone 14 pro model will be 48MP. Smartphones with 13MP-32MP resolutions experienced a huge decline as smartphones with even higher resolutions were getting popular in the market. However, the share of 42MP-48MP was seen declining in the market because many smartphones continue upgrading to 50 MP resolution. But this will go to reverse as the new iPhone model is going to arrive in the market.

50MP has been getting popular since its release in 2022, and smartphones with this camera resolution do not have high prices either. OEMs have been using 50MP large-pixel cameras for smartphones because it gives high-resolution and high-quality pictures. 50MP is mostly in mid to high-end smartphones. In 2022, 50MP smartphones will have more than 260 million units in their total sales.

64MP smartphones are slowly migrating towards large 50MP, that's why the sale for 60MP and 64MP smartphones is declining. 100MP is also going at a steady pace since its release but its prices are high and are being sold to mid to high-end segments. But still, 100MP is being loved by many and there's no chance that it will revert to 60MP or less.

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