New Report Details The Possible Design For Chatbots On Google Search

If you’ve ever wondered what a chatbot would appear like on Google Search, well, it’s your lucky day.

Top search engine giant Google mentioned how it plans on introducing its own AI-powered software to compete with the likes of ChatGPT and so many others.

Just a few days back, Google’s CEO mentioned how the threat of ChatGPT to the Android maker was plenty and hence had been designated as code red for obvious reasons. He also vowed that the tech giant would fight back with its own design and that appears to be happening as soon as now.

As per designs witnessed by CNBC, Google may roll out small chat logos for such endeavors. Moreover, it’s definitely going to be super interesting to see how much chatbots start to send out responses in the form of direct answers. This would mostly appear on the right-hand side of a search field.

For now, users would find shortcuts for features like voice search and even Google Lens. Let’s not forget how the likes of featuring three different icons in one go might prove to be a little too much for some.

But below the search bar is where you will find at least five different kinds of prompts that are reserved for potential queries that could replace certain buttons such as ‘I am feeling lucky’ or the classic ‘Google Search’. These are possible suggestions related to how users could be educated by the search engine giant regarding the availability of the latest chatbot offering.

Then on the page where the actual results are seen, such direct responses could pop up in the grey-colored bubble that’s seen under the feature for search. Now, Google says it will suggest a few follow-up queries seen below that and the common 10 blue links that pop up right next to it.

This is certainly not the final design interface. However, Googlers are busy conducting tests regarding the firm’s final chatbot. The product is dubbed Apprentice Bard and comes with LaMDA-powered backing, Moreover, it will incorporate several up-to-date details about the world as ChatGPT’s knowledge is quite restricted in this regard to just 2021 and before that.

CNBC claims that many employees are noticing Apprentice Bard’s answers and are becoming more and more advanced as time passes by. It is now able to send out witty and hilarious scenes from a movie in a similar style to that of Wes Anderson. The latter is linked to a shoplifter in the upmarket area of a perfume store that gets questioned by security in script form and provides answers to riddles too.

Clearly, this feature is finally being unveiled and that means we could soon see a launch to follow as well. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. This is necessary for terms of the boost that Google required amid the extreme popularity of ChatGPT.

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