New Report Confirms Twitter Is Making Millions From A Selection Of Infamous Users

The controversies surrounding Twitter don’t seem to be coming to an end, anytime soon.

A new study is shedding light on how the app is literally making millions from a few of its most infamous users. This particular study comes to us from the CCDH that estimated how Twitter would be churning out $19 million a year in the name of advertising.

And the most shocking bit has to do with how the advertising revenue being generated is simply from ten accounts that once came under the banned status across the app.

Moreover, the report sheds light on what the current engagement figures are like with such accounts that were once banned in the past. The reason for the ban was outlined to be related to setting out hate-filled content and those linked to dangerous theories.

This report further highlighted how the account became reinstated after Musk took over Twitter. There were several big names associated with the likes of conspiracy and even extremist behavior.

Moreover, it also had to do with names that you usually wouldn’t associate like Andrew Tate and Gateway Pundit.

Clearly, estimates related to the reach and engagement showed how such tweets arising during a 47-day-long period from Dec to Jan comprised nearly 10,000 tweets. Moreover, accounts were contributing plenty in terms of engagement. We are talking about 54 million as a whole.

And when you consider that for the entire year, these accounts may end up sending as much as 20 billion impressions.

To better guess the amount of money generated through such impressions, a few more new accounts were made on the platform and a total of 10 people were named. This is when the researchers of the study found that ads popped up once during each 6.67 tweet period.

Moreover, the cost totaled out to be $6.4 for every 1000 impressions. And the end figure came out to be around $19 million by the study experts in terms of yearly ad revenue produced through such accounts.

We agree that such figures are only estimates and not the right way to count how much the app is making, one thing is for sure. It does showcase how great of a value these small but very powerful accounts are for the company.

In the same way, it ends up underscoring how much money the app ends up gaining from some of its most controversial account holders. Remember, all those accounts highlighted in this report had once been banned from the platform. However, after Musk took charge, they came back.

They knew he would end up offering the likes of general amnesty to those who did not break the law and that is exactly what happened. In the end, Twitter make plans to enable more people that were once banned to send out appeals against the suspension decision.

Let’s not forget how the company’s advertising business has really affected the company’s profits. So many advertisers outlined as high profile have begun pulling back from the app.

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