Twitter All Set To Turn TweetDeck Into An Exclusive Feature For Blue Subscribers

There can be nothing more annoying than realizing how an app’s leading feature will now no longer be offered free of cost.

And Twitter seems to be on its way to making plenty of its users upset.

The company is making big plans of including Tweetdeck in its exclusive Twitter Blue offering. So if you want to use it, you’ll surely have to pay for it.

The news comes after a clear mention of it was observed across the app’s back-end code. It proved how the company’s management platform would turn into an exciting offering. Therefore, only those setting out extra money would now be able to access the feature on the app.

As can be witnessed across a new code snippet that was captured by Twitter Takeover New, the app is gearing up for the launch soon of its TweetDeck on Twitter Blue. It’s like an additional feature that would assist in making a new offering and luring more people into a monthly program that needs to be paid. And it certainly needs all the help and supports that it can get.

Moreover, data analysis reports have gone on to prove that the current number of subscribers across the app is nearly 300,000. And as anyone can imagine, this is not where Musk would want the figures to be. He feels it could hold a key factor to solve bot issues and revenue concerns.

Twitter Blue is currently playing a crucial role in being responsible for up to 50% of the app’s revenue. And that happened to be the outlined purpose that Musk initiated on day one. But now, new reports say that nearly 33 million more users would be needed to really make a difference and allow the app to succeed on this front. And as you can believe, it’s a huge jump from what was seen so far.

But it’s not all so gloomy when you come to think of it. The app is expanding further into the likes of other regions and within some time, you’ll see Twitter Blue undergoing an expansion into different regions. We will similarly witness another launch for its Verification for Organizations initiative and that would get rid of the classic blue ticks.

If you think that’s enough to have people jumping on the bandwagon then we’ve got news for you. Experts claim still that isn’t going to be able to reach the massive target outlined and turn into something more worthwhile, until and unless the app makes the effort to boost user interest.

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