Microsoft Celebrates As More Than One Million Sign Up To Use Its New Bing Search Engine In Just Two Days

It appears the world of AI is doing great justice to the likes of Microsoft as the software giant is celebrating some major success.

It has only been two days since we heard about the launch of its AI-powered Bing search engine. And since then, it has broken records at the App Store in terms of downloads.

For those who might not be aware, the feature is not immediately up for grabs. You have to download it and apply for the waitlist. And only then would you be given the chance to use the chatbot.

Therefore, the organization has gone on to speak about how this new feature has a waiting list that already includes more than one million users who signed up in two days. If that’s not what you call shocking then we’re not quite sure what is.

The first launch came forward on Tuesday and the complete version of the chatbot is up for grabs to only a selected few. Clearly, the company says there are so many people who are wanting to dive in and see where this can end up going. And they wish to experiment with the hype, which is clearly very real.

Meanwhile, a post published today by the firm’s VP says Microsoft is beyond humbled and delighted to mention that it’s going live with its chatbot. With already one million individuals under its belt, it hopes the success continues and people leave happy.

He added how 48 hours is all that it took for people to rush and subscribe to the AI-powered chatbot that is bound to revolutionize the way searches are done in today’s day and age.

The company shed light on how the number of those waiting is confirmed by the number of downloads being carried out for the Bing search app during the start of this week. Meanwhile, the company says downloads for this particular app are such that it has gone up by nearly 10 times the figure observed when Bing first launched the endeavor during the week’s start.

The software giant is not stopping there. They hope to really open it up to millions more around the world so they get the ultimate experience.

Let’s not forget how the news is not getting much love from arch-rivals like Google who plan to roll out its own AI-powered chatbot soon. But as of now, no set date was unveiled by the search engine giant as it conducts internal testing as we speak.

This offering by Google is called Bard and right now, the test is only being done with the firm’s own workforce. Let’s not forget how there are controversies linked to it.

Many people raised eyebrows after it was proven that the chatbot by Google had a lot of incorrect factual data and that only questions the reliability of such tools, to begin with.

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