Elon Musk Calls Engineers To Explain The Reason Behind The App’s Lack Of Engagement

Just days after we heard Elon Musk speak about Twitter trending to break even comes some insider news about how concerned the billionaire is over the platform’s lack of engagement.

Insiders who appear anonymous but happened to be present during the meeting mentioned how Musk is not happy with the way the stats of the app are showing.

He claims to have pulled aside his company’s engineers to better explain the matter that has him concerned. Just the thought of Musk’s account having more than 100 million users but very little engagement had him shaken and clearly concerned. And he wants to know what is wrong with that.

Remember, Twitter is doing everything under the sun to ensure its revenue gets back to normal and so far, it’s not working too well in that regard. The more the engagement, the higher the revenue, and Musk is seemingly concerned about why it’s not happening quicker than he or anyone may have anticipated.

There is more outrage and frustration building up from the side of investors who feel the app is lacking in terms of performance. And it’s funny how those in charge know very little about the matter.

Musk was reported as claiming this behavior was ridiculous and did not make any sense. Having nearly 100 million followers and a constant decline in engagement is never a great thing. And now, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO needs answers, insider sources have mentioned.
Now, the latest on this front is how Musk wants a direct investigation to see what’s wrong so he can get to the bottom of the matter. He wants to know why people are not engaging in the manner that they once used to.

But we do feel a lot of work is definitely required in this respect. Musk wants to see where the issue lies and how it’s affected the platform as a whole. He might be taking it more personally than others but we do see where the CEO is coming from.

Employees were reported as showcasing internal data linked to the app’s engagement and the account associated with it. This was accompanied by a trends chart that showed where the most popularity was and how it faired against search rankings. Out of 100, he stands at number nine. And as anyone would imagine, the company’s chief is not happy. The words, ‘you’re fired and you’re fired’ resounded in so many people’s ears. So as you can tell, he’s not a happy man as per these new reports.

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