TikTok Beats YouTube By Huge Margin Again As Favorite App For Kids And Teens

For a second consecutive year, TikTok has crushed YouTube to be hailed as the world’s most popular app for both kids and teens.

A new study is shedding light on how the platform manages to outpace YouTube by a huge margin in terms of usage in one day. This is also related to its behavior seen globally as younger demographics appear to be watching more content on the app than what is showcased on YouTube on a regular basis. And since the likes of 2020, these figures appear to be growing in an upward direction.

Meanwhile, in June 2020, we saw the platform take control of the charts for the very first time. And stats proved how young kids were watching content on the platform that averaged around 82 minutes in just one day as compared to the 75 minutes recorded for YouTube.

This particular survey comes to us thanks to a leading software producer that goes by name of Qustodio.

During the past year, the divide between both platforms widened further as more and more children were opting for TikTok, allowing figures to reach up to 107 on average for a daily intake. And when compared to the likes of YouTube, it’s nearly 60% longer.

But TikTok was seen not only topping such lists in terms of daily usage of apps like Netflix but also channels such as Disney+, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and also Twitter.

These figures of success for TikTok are certainly coming forward at a rather interesting time because the app and its Chinese parent firm ByteDance are facing intense scrutiny by American lawmakers. And they might also call for a ban on various educational campuses and state-owned buildings too. Moreover, the video content that many call out as addictive may also get viewed around 113 minutes each day in this particular market, when compared to 77 minutes seen daily on the likes of YouTube and others.

But the news isn’t all bad for apps like YouTube as this survey proved some positive findings linked to the platform as well. For instance, the average amount of time users is spending on this platform has grown by 20% YoY and has reached 67 minutes.

This is the greatest reporting since that observed for the yearly trends being calculated since the year 2019. Similarly, the app owned by Google has also managed to grab a sizeable share of the market worldwide.

When the stats were broken into detail further, we saw that 60% of the viewership belonged to American children who watched the app as compared to 67% seen across the UK. Meanwhile, figures for Spain included 73% while Australia stood at 58%.

For second place, it was Netflix whose popularity among children stood at 39% around the globe. Meanwhile, other standouts included the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, and Netflix.

The growth of TikTok has made other leading tech giants focus more on the likes of short content offerings with YouTube putting special emphasis on its Shorts endeavor.

Just recently, the company spoke about its Shorts’ massive success where daily views crossed the 50 billion mark. Then we have Meta focusing more on cramming its Instagram app with the likes of Reels, even though it’s getting major backlash for the offering. But we are not really sure if the offering by Adam Mosseri’s app is really paying off.

Today, Instagram has fallen out of the top five ranks of most popular apps in terms of popularity for regions like Australia, the US, and the UK, for those below the age of 18.
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