Google’s Co-Founder Makes First Request In Years To Gain Access To Code That Trains Its LaMDA Chatbot

It’s been years since we last heard about some active behavior from Sergey Brin who is Google's co-founder.

But now, a new report from Forbes is shedding light on how the company’s co-founder wants access to be granted for a code handling internal data. It’s quite interesting to see this request come up at a time when the battle for AI keeps heating up.

As per screengrabs taken by Forbes, the leading executive who opted to step down from his position at the Alphabet firm, four years back, was outlined to have made this request toward the end of January.

This request was for data that reportedly trains the company’s chatbot exclusively held for language purposes called LaMDA. This is another term reserved for an AI chatbot that considers human speech and even comprehends all sorts of commands related to it.

The search engine giant was mentioned in 2021 about its existence and then we saw a new and exciting beta version be up in 2022.

But now, with the launch of the trending ChatGPT tool by OpenAI, we’re seeing Google head into the AI battle with a bang by announcing its own AI chatbot called Bard. It’s clear that the Android maker is threatened by archrivals and that’s why on Monday, we saw the firm’s CEO go public with the news and how internal testing was currently being carried out.

Let’s not forget how in December of last year, the Google CEO also called up Google’s co-founders for an emergency meeting where he designated a code red threat after seeing the success of ChatGPT. There were plenty of meetings conducted with the top executives on what to do next and how to better make Google’s AI plans a reality. After all, it’s only smart to include chatbots and their designated features in the leading search engine.

The code access set out by Brin was soon followed up with another tiny change on the technical front. Also, some workers at the firm did not even opt to welcome the request he made, as confirmed by Forbes today. Moreover, one employee issued a comment in this context, adding how it was necessary to ‘fix Google’ and another requested that he ‘at least speak to them’.

The comments as you can see have a rather harsh tone attached. It might have to do with the fact that people aren’t too happy with the decision of the leading search engine giant to lay off as much as 6% of the company’s international workforce in January.

The request put out by Brin also underlined how the company has a certain type of urgency in all of the efforts that allow it to serve as rival competition against ChatGPT.

On another front, we’re seeing the likes of software giant Microsoft go one step ahead with a collaboration alongside ChatGPT makers OpenAI. This was announced last week as the company sets out its much anticipated new Bing Search Engine that’s powered with the likes of AI technology. It has been highlighted to have greater efficiency than ChatGPT.

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