Google’s Head Of Search Warns Against Relying On AI Chatbots For Accurate Data

The battle for AI is up and running and as days go by, it’s quite clear that the topic is on everyone’s mind.

Today, Google’s Head of Search is warning against the likes of relying on AI technology too much, including the huge drawbacks that it brings along with it.

He says that heavy reliance should never be placed on chatbots because their answers can be false and inaccurate. Clearly, Prabhakar Raghavan is being very honest after a failed internal testing demo of Google’s Bard chatbot proved that it was setting out inaccurate data about a NASA telescope.

He further went on to mention of this type of AI that the world is talking about and is currently trending can be misleading to such an extent that they’ve given the term hallucination.

He similarly spoke about how the tool expresses the data in a manner that is totally convincing and anyone would fall for it, despite the response being so fictitious. Then on Monday, we heard more about the search engine giant displaying details about its AI chatbot via a presentation. It hopes that the endeavor would be able to compete well against the likes of the world-famous OpenAI tool ChatGPT.

Meanwhile, seeing the ad for Bard give out inaccurate data for a query may not have quite been the start that the company was hoping for. In the same way, we saw several employees bash the company’s heads for going public with the AI chatbot ahead of time instead of waiting for the right moment of unveiling.

The incident caused the shares of Alphabet, which is Google’s parent firm, to dramatically fall after the error chatbot raised errors among critics and tech experts. There are similarly a lot of increasing fears about this particular threat put out by ChatGPT in terms of search dominance.

Google always felt like there was some sort of urgency that causes Bard to be released to the public but there is also a great sense of responsibility that rests on the firm’s shoulders. And in that respect, there is no rush being done at this moment as they feel there’s nothing worse than misleading the public.

Google also is now looking at other possibilities that it can include to make its search engine better. And that entails a solution for those queries for which there may be more than one right answer.

The comments are arising during a period when Google and Alphabet got plenty of harsh bashing for a potentially botched launch of Bard. It was actually so bad that people had trouble understanding why the CEO and other executives would be in such a hurry for the launch.

Meanwhile, a former research engineering expert even went on to tweet more about Google’s presentation and how it was clear that the Android maker just wasn’t interested in taking its AI endeavors seriously.

For now, Google is yet to respond more to queries on the matter.

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