Elon Musk Spends Long Day With Twitter’s Engineering Teams To Fix The Undelivered Tweet Problem

Elon Musk reportedly spent a long day at Twitter’s headquarters on Saturday, sitting side by side with the app’s engineering team.

The billionaire revealed that the work done was very fruitful as it led to solving two major issues on the platform. Moreover, the company’s CEO sent out a tweet that spoke about how those problems were causing so many of his tweets to be undelivered. In the same way, the issue caused those accounts with a huge number of followers to end up getting dumped.

But now, he’s happy to announce that things are going to plan and the issue is mostly resolved.

The tweet detailed more about the exact problems in question. For starters, it says that the fanout service laid out for its following feed kept getting overburdened whenever he sent out a tweet. And in the end, nearly 95% of his tweets didn’t get delivered at all. Therefore, Twitter’s Following has started to pull away from the likes of Search which is given the name Earlybird. But when Fanout ended up crashing it would delete any other tweet that may have been in line.

The second issue laid out by Musk included the app’s Recommendation algorithm. It was making use of a block count instead of the usual percentile block count. This ends up resulting in those accounts with so many followers getting dumped. And if those blocks were just a mere 0.1% of the followers, they were affected too. Musk also mentioned how important it was to bot all sorts of spam accounts with the likes of a block.

Elon Musk says he met with the app’s engineers to talk about a decline in views of his tweets in the recent past. He says that all the engineers were informed about how he was only getting a few thousand impressions despite the fact that he had millions of people following him.

In another similar Tweet, Musk delineated how his goal was to solve the problem of oversized fonts as well as issues related to paragraph spacing. The timeline estimated was highlighted to be this week’s end. And these comments arose just as users on the app started to complain about changes in font size on Friday.

Fans were not happy to see a lack of consistency in the font size selection when viewing tweets. And a lot of people agreed. Moreover, some spoke about how the font size alters when clicked upon a tweet as compared to that witnessed in the preview. Meanwhile, others called this change absolutely ridiculous and senseless.

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