Unawareness Reigns: Majority of Search Engine Users Underestimate AI's Impact

According to a recent survey, nearly 59% of search engine users do not fully understand the role that artificial intelligence (AI) plays in the search process.

Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), a well-known YouTuber and knowledgeable tech critic, asked his 6 million followers on Twitter whether they wanted to use Google as it is or Bing with Chat GPT enabled. Over 320,000 people responded to the survey, and about 58.7% of them said they preferred using Google right away.

The lack of understanding of AI in research could lead to a lack of appreciation for the benefits that AI provides, including faster, more accurate search results and a better overall search experience.

The results showed that a significant number of users did not realize the extent to which AI is used in search.

This lack of understanding is particularly concerning given the increasing use of AI in search. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data and provide more accurate results, based on the user's search query. For example, AI can provide personalized results based on the user's location, previous searches, and other relevant factors.

Despite the clear benefits of AI in search, many users still prefer traditional search methods. This may be because they are not aware of the advances made in AI and the benefits it provides.

To help raise awareness about the role of AI in search, it is important for search engine companies to educate their users about the technology and its benefits. This could be done through a variety of channels, including online tutorials, blog posts, and customer support materials.

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