Google Orders Employees To Test Its AI Chatbot Bard And Rewrite Any Of Its ‘Bad Responses’

The pressure of AI is mounting on Google’s CEO after facing immense criticism over a slow launch of its chatbot rival Bard.

Many critics were quick to point out that Google may have jumped the gun in terms of unveiling a product that was far from ready. The company says it’s not ready for a launch despite fellow archrival Microsoft putting its new Bing Search for users to enjoy.

Sundar Pichai is now scrambling to take effective steps to ensure the tool is on the right path to success. This might be one reason why he’s asking his employees to carry on with internal tests of the firm’s AI chat tool by taking out a few hours in the week to fulfill the task.

He added in an email that this period of time might be exciting yet painful for Google but that was expected as such technology is involved that could revolutionize the tech world as can be seen with fellow archrivals ChatGPT and Bing Search.

The news comes to us thanks to the likes of CNBC who says Pichai wants workers to spend at least 2 to 4 hours on this. But a new set of detailed instructions would arise with time.

In the same way, the CEO reminded all of its staffers that although Google may not have been at the forefront when releasing products it never affected its chance of winning the game and impacting its results.

He recalled that some of the world’s most successful goods out there today were never the first to launch so that’s why the Android maker is going to take time to ensure every little detail is as perfect as can be as there’s a lot at stake here.

Google hopes to take time out to solve every user’s needs and help build more in-depth insights about its AI tool so the majority can benefit from it.

Just last week, a few critics bashed the firm’s leadership for unveiling the product too soon when it was not even close to ready. Let’s not forget how a public demo of the tool proved it was giving out inaccurate data. And that led to plenty of people raising eyebrows.

Investors at Alphabet were also a little upset at Google as Microsoft clearly upstaged the firm with the launch of Bing which attained immense success at the App Store. But due to a rushed announcement by the leading search engine giant, many feared that it might cost the Android maker in the long run, sparking fears of its success. As it is, the day of the announcement saw shares drop by 9%.

So as the old saying goes, desperate times are calling out for desperate measures and Sundar Pichai knows that. Therefore, he’s doing everything he can including making staffers shape the product to be the best of its kind.

The email further stated that this was not going to be an easy journey nor was it going to be a quick one. But one thing is for sure, it would certainly be in everyone’s best interest as the more internal tests conducted, the better the probability of success.

Similarly, he is also making the employees record any incorrect responses and rewrite them. This was proven through a demo recently how not all facts being thrown out by Bard are correct. So now, the company’s VP for Search is making sure no error goes unnoticed.

There was even a document that was showcased that entailed the do’s and don’ts with plenty of instructions on how employees may fix a response during the internal test.

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