OpenAI Accused Of Luring Away Google’s AI Employees For Its Viral ChatGPT Tool

The makers behind ChatGPT are facing some shocking allegations about luring away Google’s AI experts for their own benefit.

The news dates back to the time when OpenAI was busy carrying out a launch of its trending and viral ChatGPT endeavor. Moreover, the company is believed to have hired dozens of employees working at search engine giant Google at that time.

The report comes to us thanks to The Information who published the news while citing a number of important sources.

According to them, around five ex-Google researchers were hired that played a pivotal role in ensuring the company’s viral ChatGPT would undergo a successful launch in November of last year. The news was stated by a person's family with the situation who gave out more details to the publication recently.

The researchers included the likes of Jacob Menick, Barret Zoph, Rapha Lopes, and Liam Fedus who were an integral part of the acknowledgment section for a blog post that announced the launch of the viral OpeanAI chatbot.

It’s also interesting to note that during the time of the launch, just a few of them had gone on to update their respective profiles on LinkedIn which reflected a change in their job to the new firm from Google.

Since its release, ChatGPT has been immensely popular with a number of users. They have enmassed nearly one million users during the first week. Also, the chatbot’s increased fame has resulted in Google’s management declaring a threat of code red, just a month later.

Meanwhile, just two ex-workers from Google Brain that is a part of the firm’s AI department, spoke about how some members of the workforce felt that the atmosphere was really daunting and lethargic at Google. There just happened to be too much caution in every step taken and that forced workers to lose interest with time and search for work in other places, as reportedly by the publication.

As we speak, Google is currently going head to head with Microsoft in the world of AI to try and bring out new and competitive products in the market.

Both companies are working hard to have their plans turn out to be a success linked to AI chatbots. As Microsoft introduces a new Bing Search, Google is waiting for the launch of its own offering called Bard.

Bing is already functional for some users but Google says it has no plans of rushing and hence is planning to take things more slowly in terms of a wider release to the public.

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